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Bulging Disc - Slipped Disc

Bulging Disc - Slipped DISC - Herniated Disc

Bulging Disc, Slipped Disc or Herniated can occur from traumatic incidents like Auto accidents, sports injuries and slips and falls. These seem obvious to most.

Bulging Disc, Slipped Disc, Herniated Disc

However, many disc problems can be related to multiple micro-traumas over a long period of time. Types of work, hobbies, sports, exercise and lifestyle can all be contributing factors.

Combine one of the above with a traumatic incident and it’s easy to see that disc problems are not uncommon.

The best way to know if you have a problem in your disc is to have an MRI done of the area of complaint. The good news is that an MRI will show exactly where and how big the "herniation” or bulge is."

The bad news is that it is an expensive test.

In our office we use X-Ray and orthopedic/ neurological tests to determine if a disc problem may exist.
Whether you use MRI technology or not the answer is almost always the same--CONSERVATIVE CHIROPRACTIC CARE to start. As long as you are progressing well as most of our patients do, an MRI is usually not needed. For the patients with more complicating factors a referral will be made for an MRI or other more detailed tests.

A combination of conservative safe Chiropractic care and therapies such as neck (cervical) and low back (lumbar) traction, or painless muscle stimulation with hot or cold packs can go a long way in controlling the symptoms of disc problems such as herniated disc, Slipped disc and Bulging disc.

We are also always happy to read your MRI report for you in "plain English."
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